HMC is a family-owned and operated business with an on-going commitment to economic expansion in Jefferson County, Ohio. Our primary goal is to fulfill the company's founding vision for a thriving community created from a balance of business, residential and recreational development. In support of this next phase of the land-use cycle, the mission of HMC consists of three interwoven components:

  • To attract local, regional and national development interests through our principal business - the sale of quality property in the county.
  • To develop this property in a way that will provide the greatest potential benefit to Jefferson County and its residents.
  • To uphold our commitment to being a significant player in helping to ensure continued economic prosperity for Jefferson County through the 21st century.

As one of the largest landholders in Jefferson County, we at HMC recognize our responsibility to this area, and pledge to carry out our mission through continued cooperation with the members of the community in which we live and work.