Jefferson County is situated in east central Ohio on the border of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. This location offers many advantages in regard to population, major transportation hubs and nearby cities.


The population of Jefferson County is nearly 80,000 with approximately 25% of that total centered in the county seat of Steubenville. However, within a 35-mile radius of the county, the population increases to 1.25 million.


Three major interstate highways and many four-lane connectors link the region's major cities and provide access to the entire country. These thoroughfares, along with three major rail lines and the Ohio River, facilitate the transportation of goods and services to any market. Furthermore, workers can easily commute from outside Jefferson County, thus expanding the already available employment base.

Nearby Cities

Jefferson County is surrounded by three major cities. The closest of these is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, located a mere 30 minutes from Steubenville. This close proximity allows Jefferson County businesses to be included in the thriving Pittsburgh economy and to simultaneously take advantage of Ohio's lower taxes and costs of business. Cleveland and Columbus, two of the strongest economies in Ohio, are also nearby. Cleveland is situated approximately two hours to the north of Jefferson County, while Columbus is located 2 ½ hours to the west of the county.