Huberta Mining Company (HMC) is a family-owned and operated business located in Steubenville, Ohio. Established by Albert Schiappa in 1944, HMC remains a landholder in Jefferson County. Our main focus is the sale of property for the purpose of development.

HMC has its roots in the coal mining business. Following the mining process, the land was reclaimed in accordance with state regulations in order to restore its inherent beauty. We are currently in the next phase of this cycle - development of the site with a balance of businesses, homes, recreational facilities and new communities. We envision new employment opportunities, increased spending and higher tax revenues as just a few of the potential benefits of development.

For over half a century, HMC has been a major proponent of community expansion. We endeavor to maintain this commitment through our current land development efforts. With a long-time history in the community, HMC has an interest in shaping the economic future of Jefferson County and desires to play an integral role in promoting the county's continued growth and prosperity.